Know your terms


A person who can own up to three Follower accounts and can copy positions from Strategy Provider accounts.

Strategy Provider

A trader who can own from one up to three Strategy Accounts and can execute positions which can be copied by his Followers.

Volume Allocation

The Percentage selected by the Follower which – alongside his equity – is used to determine the volume of trades to be copied.

Copy Ratio

The ratio determining the size of the Follower’s position copied in relation to the Strategy Provider trades.

Rescue level

It specifies the percentage of the Follower’s account balance that he can keep secured in case of loss. Once that level is reached, all open trades in the Follower’s account are closed and the remaining funds are no longer available to be placed on trades.

Performance Fee

The percentage of any profit made with the Follower’s funds which is then payable to the Strategy Provider as his reward. Performance fees are based on the high watermark regime and are paid monthly.

High Water Mark principle

The High Water Mark principle ensures that the Strategy Provider does not get paid large sums for poor performance. In other words, if he loses money over a period, he must make profits exceeding the losses before receiving the Performance Fees. The system automatically captures profit and calculates the outstanding Performance Fee after each closed trade. If the Strategy Provider account is in loss, the negative Performance Fee will be recorded by the system and no fees will be paid to the Strategy Provider.

Stability Score

'STABILITY SCORE' is determined by comparing certain performance elements between individual Strategy Providers and all other active Strategy Providers. The elements taken into account are daily volatility on return, trading allocation capital and length of overall trading activity within HFcopy system. Strategy Providers are scored 1 to 5 based on the weighted elements where 5 is the highest divergent performance across all other participating Strategy Providers, making it less stable across the board regardless of market conditions and 1 being less unstable overall.

Disclaimer: Trading CFDs and Forex is risky. The product is available only to clients whose suitability will be assessed prior to participation. Past performance does not guarantee future results.